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The hardest part is deciding!

On this page you will see examples of the rich, intriguing styles of Simply Amish brand furniture available to you at Amish Showroom Furniture. You will have over 75 combinations of rich woods and stains, not to mention your choices of hardware in wood, porcelain, and 11 different metals ranging from Weathered Copper to Black Nickel.

We do furniture your way.
Visit our showroom and make your selection. From that point forward, the job is tracked by your name, so that each craftsman knows the person they’re building it for. You can either select from thousands of unique styles and vary their appearance or function with available options, or work with your furniture consultant to create a piece of furniture that’s truly one of a kind. Either way, the final result will be an exceptional piece of hand-crafted furniture, built to beautifully withstand the test of time and personally signed by the artisan.

Why buy Simply Amish Brand furniture?
Because unlike low-quality knock-offs, our furniture isn’t cut and stamped by computers. Its custom crafted by a skilled craftsman who signs his work, just like any master artist. His work is personal and the commitment runs deep. In fact, should your piece of Simply Amish furniture ever become damaged or need repairs, we’ll return it to the very craftsman who made it. He’ll restore it to look just like it did on the day it left his shop.
Visit our showroom in Fort Collins, Colorado, or shop our catalog (available below) and contact our sales people by phone. They are well trained to assist in all your choices and special requirements.


Simply Amish 10th Edition Catalog

To receive the Simply Amish 10th Edition catalog please click on the icon to the right. The cost of the catalog is $18, you will receive a $20 coupon towards your purchase.

Our full-color, 540 page catalog features our wide range of furniture styles and will help you find the perfect solution for your home.